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Superstructure connection welding

We have class 1 approval according to DB AG RiLi 826.1020 for all relevant processes of superstructure connection welding:


– flash butt welding (RA)

– Thermite welding process (AT)

– E-connection welding (OLV / OEV)

Flash butt welding

In November 1994 the first mobile flash butt welding machine from Thormählen was approved by Deutsche Bahn AG for welding Vignol rails.


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Thermit welding

We are approved with class 1 for the following processes of the aluminothermic cast fusion welding process:


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Arc connection welding

We offer the superstructure arc connection welding as welding with electrode (OEV) or with flux cored wire (OEV/MF).


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