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Our head office is located in Bad Oldesloe. This is where the management and administration are based. Bad Oldesloe is located in northern Germany between Hamburg and Lübeck. The company is located in the industrial area South-East directly at the motorway junction Bad Oldesloe.


Our branches in Germany are located in Bad Oldesloe:


Bad Oldesloe

From here we serve the north of Germany as well as Scandinavia.


Kirchmöser / Brandenburg

From here we serve the construction sites in Eastern Germany. It is also the location of the “RA” department, which coordinates the use of mobile flash-butt welding machines and the EMD rail unloading equipment from here. The Kirchmöser location has always been home to the track construction industry.


Our branch office in Bernau also belongs to this location, so that the entire greater Berlin area can be served quickly.

Bitterfeld is located in the middle of the Halle-Leipzig industrial region. From here we cover the needs in the southeast and south of Germany.


Südwest (Oberraden)
The Südwest branch was founded in January 2014 by taking over the employees and the Oberraden location from Wira Schienenschweißung. One focus of the Southwest branch is the maintenance of industrial and regional networks.


In addition to our branches in Germany, we have a branch in Israel (Tel-Aviv) and a subsidiary in Turkey (Ankara).


Süd (Ingolstadt)
Die Niederlassung im Süden Deutschlands wurde im Januar 2017, unter der Leitung von SFI Os Herrn Mehmet Toprak, gegründet. Ingolstadt befindet sich zwischen München und Nürnberg. Unsere neuste Niederlassung ist zuständig den Süden abzudecken.


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