Mobil Flash butt welding

Flash butt welding is the highest quality method of joint welding. In Germany, this method is prescribed as the standard method for high-speed lines. Here the rail is first electrified. When the rail ends approach each other, the arc ignites and when they touch each other, the mutual surfaces of the rail change into a doughy state. They are then pressed together and locally compressed. The process can be used both for the production of the gapless track and for the production of long rails in or next to the track. A 2-way excavator is required to pull the rails during the production of the gapless track and for the installation of fitting rails.

In November 1994 the first mobile flash butt welding machine from Thormählen was approved by Deutsche Bahn AG for welding Vignol rails. Our experience of meanwhile more than 600,000 welds in this revolutionary technology guarantees you optimal construction site application. Depending on the technology, 40-80 welds can be produced in one shift.

The mobile flash butt welding machine delivers a quality which corresponds to the factory welds, the electronic control as well as the multi-channel recorder are identical with those of the factory systems. The geometric alignment of the rail ends is automatic and can only be influenced in advance by the operator through a basic setting.

A further innovation is the monitoring system, which we have been using since the beginning of 1999 and which is integrated in the mobile welding machine. It documents all welding parameters and has so far been used almost exclusively in the factory facilities.

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