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DB route network

BV: NBS Erfurt – Halle / Leipzig
Commissioned by Arge Feste Fahrbahn Porr – VDE 8.2
Period: April – December 2013
Capacity: 380,000 m rail, construction of the gapless track with flash butt welding machine, 63 points
Contact person: Christian Rosenplenter


BV: Bochum Langendreer, DB AG
Client Arge Hartung Bau / Bickhardt Bau
Period: Beginning of November – December 2012
Performance: 41 turnouts – turnouts renewal, 680 ST SKV S49, S54
Contact person: Klaus Georgius

Regional tracks

Building project: Lebach – Heusweiler Markt, Saar light rail system

Client: Swietelsky Company
Period: August 2012 to planned January 2013
Service: already performed approx. 1000 ST SKV S49, service planned for January approx. 400 ST SKV S49 and approx. 20,000 m rail Voltage compensation as complete service, ultrasound on all welds
Contact person: Klaus Georgius

Industrial / Port lines

BV: Laying Hambach Railway, RWE
Client: Leonhard Weiss GmbH [&] Co. KG
Period: April 2012 – June 2012
Performance: 440 ST RA welds UIC 60, 600 ST SKV welds, 60,000 m rail Voltage compensation as complete performance
Contact person: Klaus Georgius


BV: Relocation Hambach Railway, RWE
Client: Leonhard Weiss GmbH[&] Co. KG
Period: April 2012 – June 2012
Capacity: 440 ST RA-welds UIC 60, 600 ST SKV-welds, 60.000 m rail tension compensation as complete service
Contact: Klaus Georgius

Framework contract for welding work in Israel

Commissioned by: ARGE Lesico / Thormählen for the Israeli State Railway (IR)
Construction project: Framework contract rail welding Israel
Services: Track connection welding as flash butt welding
Volume/construction time: approx. 6,000-10,000 welds per year from 2005 to 2015
Contact person: Steffen Ralfs

Kuala Lumpur - International Airport

BV: Kuala Lumpur – International Airport – 114 km of track
Construction period: from June 2000 to June 2001
Construction volume: Production of 8,000 flash butt welds
Client: Siemens – YTL
Contact person: Steffen Ralfs
Service: Production of flash butt welds