Thermite welding

Thermite welding has been the standard process for connection welding for approx. 100 years. An exothermic oxidation process of aluminium with iron oxide produces iron in liquid form. The complete process takes place in a crucible. After ignition of the welding portion, the prepared gap is poured out and thus welded.

We offer the following thermite welding processes:


• SKV (rapid welding with short preheating)
• SKV-Elite (rapid welding with short preheating)
• SoW-5 (rapid welding without bead)
• SoWoS (rapid welding without bead without web run-in)
• SmW-F (Speed welding with bead flat bead)
• HPW (High Performance Weld)
• LSV (plate hole welding method)
• SRZ (rapid welding on grooves, intermediate casting)
• SRE (quick welding on grooves insert)
• SKS (quick welding on crane rails)

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