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Superstructure joint welding

We have class 1 approval according to DB AG RiLi 826.1020 for all relevant processes of superstructure joint welding.


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Production of MT insulated joints

We offer the installation of MT type rail insulation joints for Vignol rails in standard and reinforced versions for the following rail profiles.


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Maintenance of tracks and switches by welding processing

In the field of repairs, we are primarily the framework contract partner of DB Netz AG, Bahnbaugruppe (BBG), AKN and Hamburger Hochbahn AG.


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Rail unloading with EMD

The two-way unloading device type EMD is a mobile device for the unloading of Vignol rails from public railway wagons. Of course it has a DB approval.


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Production of the gapless track

According to DB guideline 824.5010, the manufacture of the voltage equalization must be monitored and documented by an approved construction supervisor. Our construction supervisors have the qualification as master welders for superstructures.


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Ultrasonic testing

The construction of the gapless track and the acceptance of the welding are carried out by a welding supervisor. Depending on the requirements of the network operator, ultrasonic tests of the welds are also carried out.


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Process chain of the gapless track

In the year 2000, we received the quality award of the Überwachungsgemeinschaft Gleisbau for “outstanding performance in track construction” for the technology of the “seamless rail process chain”.


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Individual solutions

Every construction site has its own challenges. Thanks to our extensive range of services, we can offer the optimum solution for the construction of a gapless track for every drainage technology.


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