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Rail welder for aluminothermic joint welding SKV

The starting net salary is €2000 at the beginning.

The occupation of rail welder initially only requires good physical resilience and manual dexterity. The training is modular and is completely covered by us. Since we can only work on the track when there is no rail operation on the line, the working hours are based on the specifications of the railroad. We also work a lot at night and on weekends. The season really gets going from March onwards. You can spend most of January and February at home. During this time, you will receive a so-called short-time allowance, which is equivalent to about 60% of the pay you last received from us. We base your pay on the German collective wage agreement for the construction industry. This means that you will receive 30 days’ vacation, additional vacation pay, a pension plan and appropriate remuneration. As a rule, this amounts to around €2,000 net/month at the start. With good performance, you can achieve a further qualification every year and thus their salary increases. Most colleagues work 6-8 weeks continuously and then go home for about 10 days. Of course, you can also move to Germany completely with your family. Since the job requires you to work often at night and almost every weekend, it is important that your family knows and accepts these working hours. In return, however, you are then also often there for the family completely for a week.


Your work with us begins with a 4-week training course to become a rail welder for the aluminothermic welding process. The prerequisite for this is a basic knowledge of the German language (comparable to level A2). Without German language skills you will not be admitted to the training by the railroad. If your German language skills are not yet good, please contact us and we can organize an intensive language course.

Since you will always be working in a team of two, you will also need a C1 driving license (up to 7.5 tons). If you do not have this license yet, please contact us and we will find a driving school for you. We can provide the costs for the language course and the driving school as a loan.


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